Often Kathleen’s work begins with an idea that can take many directions before it lands in her heart. Once it takes hold, the magic flows through her brush and onto the canvas with ease. She is a prolific artist working rapidly once in motion.

Kathleen could not imagine working an entire career creating works of one subject. Consequently her works are created in collections. She is often working on a number of paintings at one time to keep the energy fresh. Productivity abounds when under pressure and is great for clients who are on a deadline.

Kathleen’s most popular series have many images available as Giclee Prints of the highest quality and all have been hand embellished and are in limited editions of no more than 100. Each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Her Smok’in Jazz Collection has approximately 23 images available as giclee prints, and Her Architectural Whimsy Collection has images of Mexico, Italy, France and now favorite cities of the United States available as Giclee prints. Most notable is her latest collection of famous New York sites with a 1940’s twist.

Kathleen has been working on figures her entire career and considers them her muse. Even her buldings of Whimsy have a figurative feel. She is now working on her Friends and Divas collection and her Jungle Magic Collection, that follow a lineage of many paintings about women’s growth and development as well as the importance of being at one with nature.

The latest and now most popular collection is “How Does Your Garden Grow” Images dedicated to the empowerment and healing of the feminine spirit. Strong women, engaging the viewer to reach deeply into their soul, look for that place close to the heart and listen to what needs expanding, and what needs to be nurtured.

Kathleen is always glad to discuss the possibilities of creating a commission work for you. Contact here through this website.