Kathleen Carrillo Statement

"Divine Inspiration is the source of my vision, my life's work, and my greatest joy!"

“I paint because I can’t help myself. You know the quintessential saying “Art is life”, for me, it is literal. I am absorbed when I am painting. The literal world stops and “I” disappear into a dream state. It is a place of great joy, unbelievable peace, and a place where none of the mundane energies of everyday life can penetrate. My goal is to explore and express this magical place in my paintings. By magic, I mean, how I see the world in this place. The paintings are an outward expression of the experience, a vibration that I can share with my viewers. Something that is not tangible, but undeniably exists, and creates a sense of well being. It is, “Celebrating the Colorful Magic of Life”

Celebrating the colorful magic of life